Emil Nikolov

An accomplished architect who creates simple and stylish designs


Our Philosophy

The main philosophy of our studio is to create individual, aesthetically stunning, and personal solutions for our clients through contemporary style and architecture. Even if you do not have a clear idea or blueprint of your vision, we will help you achieve your dream result. Our central aim is to fulfil our client’s desires through the introduction of luxury, comfort and subtle elegance in order to create a unique reflection of your lifestyle.


The methodology

The studio offers an holistic interior solution from the detailed preliminary discussion with our client, through to planning and design, technical specifications, calculations and budgeting. No task is too challenging for us; we conquer each problem with our dedicated focus and attention to detail.


The project

For a home to truly be a home, it must be a place where comfort meets surprise, warmth, and delight with an uninterrupted synergy with the elements and EMME Studios has the passion to bring this philosophy to life. Our extensive expertise lies in creating projects with premium brand furniture utilising a wide range of natural materials and textures emphasized by thoughtful lighting with the final product characterised by a playful balance between art, design and comfort.

EMME studio can offer a sense of minimalist creativity for your interior alongside an individual and multidisciplinary approach to high-class design where creativity is fostered within a strong conceptual framework to allow each project to pursue its unique architectural interpretation.


Custom luxury

EMME Studio has a tailored, individual approach to each client. Our expertise is reliant on the strong relationships we build with clients resulting in careful consideration of the relationship between person, object and surroundings. 

Due to the studio’s flexibility, high-professionalism, and attention to detail we combine our creativity with a distinct ability for finding unique solutions for a constantly developing perspective.