Pine house

Location: Mountain
Total floor area: 468 sqm
Design: 2021
Type: Single house

Created to “disappear”, as the famous architect Mies van der Rohe said with the aphorism: “Less is more”, we used the principle of his phrase in our architecture. Here is how the concept of this house in the mountains a short distance from the big city is presented. The house consists of a set of volumes that move in one direction, offering outdoor landscaped terraces in constant connection with each other. The different cubes contain the different interior applications and thus with this movement they are fragmented into small parts, giving each of them a unique character and its own autonomy.

Conceived as a “continuous, multi-storey “balcony”, this sprawling residence is located in the mountains, the “home in the pine forest” overlooking a mountain peak with breathtaking views – hence its name – is surrounded by trees. The shape of the house extends across the landscape, providing a stark contrast to the vertical composition of the tall pines. First and foremost attention is paid to the integration of the landscape. Secondly, its adaptability is assessed both to the environment where it is located and to the surrounding vegetation. The main aspects regarding its sustainability are also considered through technical solutions based on an innovative tradition that allows generation ofcomfortable spaces. Finally, special emphasis is placed on the user experience, offering spaces to enjoyprivately the landscape and the outdoors. The house is designed from natural materials and is planned with modern technologies. The location of the ground floor maximizes the connection with the environment and gives priority to the mountain view through large openings protected from the sun by covers that generate shadows in the interior.

EMME Studio designs the home as a platform that adapts to its topography. The interior of the home is also designed to ensure that each space offers a view of the neighboring garden. The whole design uses a natural palette of colors and materials – wood, slate, stone and concrete are shown in raw form. The entrance to the house leads to the common living space – an open-plan living room, which borders a green terrace. Downstairs, the dining room and bedrooms have direct access to the outside with adjoining lawns.