Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Total floor area: 140 sqm
Design: 2020
Type: Apartment

The apartment is designed to blend the new and modern way of life – concrete walls, high ceilings, high windows and natural materials. Visible concrete walls emphasize the proportions of the apartment and the purity of the architectural form. The main goal of the studio was to create a functional space with contemporary design. It has two bedrooms with private bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen with all utilities  integrated into the furniture. The main concept of the project was the use of simplified methods for modelling the space through colour and texture; the use of scarce colours on the walls and ceilings, a combination of different wood textures, dominant sizes, concrete, metal and leather.

These classic elements are the background for the “antibody”. Three-dimensional wooden panelling accentuates the space whilst ensuring all utilities (boiler, appliances and wardrobes) are hidden. The wooden three-dimensional panelling acts as an anchor in which the main functional areas are played out; a kitchen inclusive of a four metre long island, a bar, and a living room with opulent leather furniture. An illuminated wall draws attention to an open library emphasizing the majesty of stone married with wooden panelling helping to bring all elements of the furniture design together. Modern interior elements contrast and complement each other in colour, material and style thus acquiring individuality and creating an harmonious architectural space.

The kitchen is not separated from the living room to help create a common space with maximum light and expanse. Ceiling-height, double-sided cabinets are integrated into the space with built-in wardrobes encased within each cabinet. The cabinets are accessed from both the living room and the corridor. The kitchen set is made entirely of stone. In the corridor, the entrance to the laundry room is hidden in the wall with panelling and the “invisible” door is also covered with three-dimensional elements, thus creating the illusion of an undivided wall.

The second bedroom is minimal with tones of white and grey alongside a strong accent of black; this allows the proportions of the room to appear soft and comfortable. A tall wooden door with teak slats separates the bedroom from the bathroom and a bio-ethanol fireplace brings cosiness to the stone. The bathroom is accented by a wooden ceiling to mask the height of the bathroom and improve the proportions of the room. In the second bedroom the space is divided by a stone portal, with integrated mirror cabinet between the sink and the bathtub whilst a discreet sliding door is incorporated into the panelling to hide the bathroom.

The main bathrooms have a linear division of the “wet” area of stone slabs with the first bathroom featuring hidden walls clad in concrete, spilling onto the floor. The principal materials of metal, wood and stone aid in creating the atmosphere of the project. In particular, the living rooms offer a continuous view of the beautiful balcony with garden and pool reflecting back into the house to give a greater feeling of space and unity with nature.