Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Total floor area: 110 sqm
Design: 2015-2016
Type: Apartment

Minimalist apartment located in Sofia, Bulgaria. This small city apartment is located in one of the famous metropolitan districts at the foot of Vitosha Mountain in a newly built small residential structure of 8 apartments. The construction of these small structures brought a new, “metropolitan” way of life in the city, while using the available urban space. The apartments are built in accordance with the highest standard of living and feature a rationally designed centralized floor plan. This type of layout allows more daylight to enter the living space and provides good communication between the different parts of the apartment.

KOTAHOUSE is a minimalist family home; an oasis of peace and quiet amidst the hectic city environment of the boulevards below. Our approach was to combine natural elements with modern touches to create a space with a minimalist and contemporary sense in an historic city. We started by redesigning the living space to open the kitchen and take advantage of the natural sunlight from the window wall which covered the entire side of the apartment. The residence radiates the sought-after tranquillity that its owners crave after a busy day. The choice of materials reflect this Zen-like quality, and the variety of colours used provide a strong accent and contrast with the oak and Italian marble, alternating with a touch of metal in the detail.